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We are available to install, maintain and repair the following technologies:

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal uses the sun's energy to heat water which compliments a traditional boiler and helps to reduce fuel bills by as much as 70% as well as helping the environment.

Solar PV

A chemical reaction generates electrical current within the panels and this electricity can then be used in the home to power appliances. Most properties would install just enough to cover the basics and the national grid would then pick up the excess and peak demands.

Ground Source Heat Pump

For every single kilowatt of electricity used to power the GSGP, this system could generate four kilowatts or more of energy for your home. Latent heat is absorbed by the ground that is radiated by the sun no matter what the weather is doing above ground.

Air to Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps are often likened to air conditioning units due to their similar looks but are far superior in their efficiency and ability to both heat and cool. They can be used to heat or cool up to 120 square metres. They do not dry out the air and act as air purifiers so are ideal for allergy sufferers and contact lense wearers. A 6Kw unit costs around 4 pence per hour to run and are up to 500% efficient.

Underfloor Heating

Whether you are updating your existing heating system or are embarking on a self-build project, the launch of Worcester’s new Greenfloor underfloor heating system means the leading boiler manufacturer now offers a complete range of energy-efficient heating solutions for your home.

PSH are specialists in providing underfloor heating for the home and the benefits for householders are many. Combined with the new Worcester Bosch Renewable Energy Products, underfloor heating can significantly reduce your home heating bills by as much as 40%.

Far more cost efficient than conventional radiators, which heat the top of the room first, underfloor heating operates at lower temperatures distributing heat up in a uniform way to create a warm cosy environment that prevents cold spots, creates space and adds immediate significant value to your home.

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